Claims and Default Services

Triad is committed to assisting our Servicers by providing several options for default reporting and claim submission; such as electronic transmission, hard copy mailing, facsimile, or Triad's TAXI. To simplify the process of claim submissions, Triad has collaborated with LPS, Freddie Mac and other servicers to receive claims via the EDI 260 standardized claim transaction process. We are also capable of returning an acknowledgement of EDI submission through the EDI 997 transaction set. Triad is pleased to provide Lenders with two choices of claim payments through ACH (automated clearinghouse) or checks.

For additional information on these services, please contact:

Claims Submission
Debbie Fulp, Vice President-Claims
800-628-4744,  ext 1595

Default Services
Glen Troiano, Vice President-Loss Mitigation
800-628-4744,  ext 1145

Triad continues to settle all legitimate requests for benefits when meeting the terms outlined in the master policy. Should you have any questions regarding the settlement of a claim, please contact Debbie Hall.