Loss Mitigation

Triad Guaranty's loss mitigation team offers the best practices in the industry. We proactively work with the servicer and the borrower for homeowner retention and/or minimization of the loss. The Loss Mitigation team currently provides the following services for our partners:

  • Easy Loss Mitigation approval process: Workout packages can be submitted via email, facsimile, or mail. In some cases a phone call will suffice.

  • Flexible support of your Loss Mitigation effort: Our innovative Loss Mitigation team welcomes dialogue with your Loss Mitigation team to determine the best solution for a delinquent loan.

The additional resources below outline: Triad’s support of various industry loss mitigation programs, Triad’s limited delegated loss mitigation authority, and Triad’s documentation requirements. For more information regarding Triad’s loss mitigation services, please contact us at 800-628-4744, ext 7226 or HOPE@TGIC.com.